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Eric Lamkin
A huge fan
Simply beautiful and amazing. Absolutely, the best purchase I have ever made. Your product looked great on your website, but I had no idea that it would be of such a high quality until I held it in my hands. I'm now a huge fan and I can't help but purchase everything that you produce.
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Roger Nicot

Roger Nicot (the “T” is silent) has been performing magic for 90.4% of his life. Born in Wellsville, NY, he received his first magic set for Christmas at the age of six. By the time he graduated High School, he had numerous local and network television appearances to his credit. While attending Ferris University as a psychology major, his weekends were spent performing in nightclubs and hotel lounges throughout Michigan, Indiana and Southern California. In 1977 he was accepted as a member of the Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

In 1980 Roger opened a magic shop in Buffalo, NY. He has been a magic consultant for several advertising agencies as well as toy maker Fisher Price. Many magicians have utilized his knowledge and ideas and he has worked on several network television specials.

Roger became a member of the growing Card-Shark team in 2009. Located in Jamestown, NY he is leading Card-Shark USA which deals with all the orders in the Western Hemisphere.

His knowledge of magic paired with craftsmanship and attention to detail are a perfect blend for Card-Shark. With German-like service quality and ultra fast shipping, he represents our company in the best possible way.

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