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Gary Brown
A Dream Come True!
Thanks to your excellent custom cards, I am now able to perform my favorite packet effect using vintage, heirloom cards. The quality and craftmanship of these cards are beyond compare; Christian showed great creativity and attention to detail in making my idea a reality. I have always wanted to perform certain effects with alternative cards or variations -- this has opened a world of new opportunities. I'm already planning my next order!
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Card Quality Comparison

The strength of the Phoenix Decks is, that we can produce this deck at the best playinc card companies around the globe without having the problem to change the look of the cards at all. The complete design is created and owned by Card-Shark. The card stock and the print is so identical that you can even mix for instance the Phoenix Master cards with the Phoenix Traditional cards. To differentiate the several versions of the Phoenix Deck we used the Ace of Spades to add this information for you without giving away any secrets to your audience.

Below the Ace of Spades center pip you can find the following text:

Phoenix Master: "Master Edition"
Phoenix Traditional: "Traditional Edition"
Phoenix Parlour: "Parlour Edition"
Phoenix Double-Decker: first "Master Edition", now "Traditional Edition"
Phoenix Parlour Double-Decker: "Parlour Edition"

    Master Edition Traditional Edition Parlour Edition Double-Decker Parlour-Double Decker
  Bicycle Phoenix Master Phoenix Traditional Phoenix Parlour Phoenix
Double Decker
Phoenix Parlour Double Decker
USPC Standard Supermarket-Quality Casino-Quality - - - -
paperstock Linen structure Bicycle stock Linen structure Bicycle stock Linen structure Card-Shark stock Linen structure Card-Shark stock Ultra thin card stock Ultra thin card stock
Finish Air Cushion Finish Air Cushion Finish Smooth Glide Finish Smooth Glide Finish Smooth Glide Finish Smooth Glide Finish
# cards 56 56 55 54 108 108
card dimension 2.5" x 3.5"
(63 x 88 mm)
2.5" x 3.5"
(63 x 88 mm)
2.5" x 3.5"
(63 x 88 mm)
3" x 4"
(75 x 100 mm)
2.5" x 3.5"
(63 x 88 mm)
3" x 4"
(75 x 100 mm)
Special O large aces, 2 Jokers, Poker Bingo cheat sheet, included blank face card large aces, 2 Jokers large aces, 2 Jokers large aces, 2-4 Jokers large aces, 2-4 Jokers
Oneway backs O X X X X X
Oneway faces O X X X X X
Cut Standard punching, partly dull, with high error quote Casino punching, lowest possible error tolerance slit cut slit cut slit cut slit cut
Faro shuffles Good Perfect Difficult Difficult Difficult Difficult
Laser print on top of finish possible O O X X X X
Best quantity for custom print < 5 cards < 5 cards < 10 decks < 10 decks < 10 decks < 10 decks
custom deck run > 5000 > 2500 > 300 > 500 please contact us please contact us

USPC: United States Playing Card Company
CSPF: Card-Shark Printing Facility Europe

Bicycle and the Air Cushion Finish are trademarks of the USPC.

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