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Mark W. Bennett
Mo, 22.12.2008
Your cards opened doors
Great products. Your tarot set and extension allow me to
create routines that couldn't be done any other way.
Excellent craftsmanship and great service.

Opus Magno
Mi, 12.11.2008
Well Done. Very professional site and work!!

I'd like to point out that is hard, nowadays, to find a
website with the good direct casual comunication like
yours. It's like we know each other for years.

About the graphic work itself, again, excelent, no cons!!
Unfortunately here in Brazil no company seems to be
interested in this kind of business :(
(and to buy from EU, right now, is $omehow impo$$ible.

Hey, Why don't you open a representative here? ;)

Best Regards!

Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed
Sa, 08.11.2008
Love your practical artistic work!

We had a great time with you at the 2008 SAM/IBM Convention.
Thanks for the great memories and fun.

We love the beautiful artistic cards that you have created
and use them with joy and pride. You're the best (and so are
your cards!)

Roland and Susan
Tucson, AZ USA

Mi, 22.10.2008
Christian's job is amazing.
I am really excited both with his work which has great
quality but also with his one of a kind customer service.
All the best,

Justin Carmical
Do, 18.09.2008
Your Vintage cards
Thank you. The Heirloom cards I ordered are BEAUTIFUL and
the talk of my magic club. I cannot wait to practice the
Gypsy Curse and perform it at the renaissance festival
here in Colorado next year.

Thanks again for making quality items.

Max Maven
Di, 12.08.2008
Vintage playing cards
Top quality design and production, plus some very fertile
gaffs. These cards are a delight.

Max Maven

Barry Fernelius
Di, 12.08.2008
Fernelius Custom Deck
Hi Christian,

I received my decks today. You did a superb job, and your
work exceeded my expectations. When I return from my trip
next week, I'm planning to write a review of your services
for the Magic Café.

Once again, thank you so much for your fine work.

Best Magical Wishes,
Barry Fernelius

Mo, 16.06.2008
Greetings from Thailand
What nice work you do....I see a long and prosperous life in
the world of Magic!!!..regards and thanks for the Great

Di, 20.05.2008
Excellent !
Merci beaucoup pour votre travail sur le tarot Médieval.
La qualité est au rendez-vous.

Les carte sont vraiment magnifiques et le marquage au
dessous de tout soupçon.

C'est avec joie et confiance que je ferais de nouveau
appel à vos services.

Eric Dassonville.

Jose Rivera
So, 27.04.2008
real good!
All the vintage card are perfect, nice work! Waiting for
news about new products of the medieval tarot. :)

Paul Gordon
Mi, 05.12.2007
Corner of Piccadilly - Monte Trick
Dear Christian,

I look forward to seeing "The Corner of Piccadilly" on
your website. It's a real "worker!" Start and end "clean"
and instant reset! Startling surprise (kicker) ending! To
anyone else reading this: Try it - buy it. You won't be

Paul Gordon (creator of COP)

Steve Landavazo
Mi, 28.11.2007
Really Cool Website!
This is an awesome web site! I know magicians have been
looking for something like this for such a long time.
Thank you for such a cool concept. I will be ordering
soon! Steve

Lynne Kelly
Mo, 08.10.2007
I just got the Gypsy Deck, Medieval Tarot and associated
extras and I was expecting something great. They are more
than great! I have been looking for the right cards for my
style for years and am delighted to have finally found

Now - can we have a blue backed Gypsy Deck, please? And
anything else you come up with for these two deck types.

I love the feel. No cards have felt so good!


Clifford the Red
Sa, 22.09.2007
Christian, you have no idea how hard I have looked for both
a source of a Tarot force deck and custom printing of
Bicycles and here you do both! You are my new best friend.
I can't wait to get the Tarot and will be contacting you
about a custom print job for an original presentation I
developed. Thanks for making this badly needed service

Clifford the Red
Bizarre Magician, California

Alberto de Figueiredo
Di, 04.09.2007
They´re so perfect!!!
I am absolutely happy with Chris´ work. Perfect in each
detail with a total professional service.

I reccomend 100%

Thanks Christian for your effort and patience.

Jim Hager
So, 17.06.2007
Mona Lisa is definitely one of my favorite packet tricks!
Excellent work there. I was recommended to go to you for
any custom card work but Cory Harris at US Toy in Leawood,
KS> From your website, I believe he is right! I look
forward to hearing from you.

Dean Spruce
Do, 07.06.2007
Thank you Thank You Thank You
Greetings Christian

The Gypsy's Curse cards were wonderful and exceeded my
expectations in every department and the spectators love
them too.

The Aged skinner Monte Style cards are beautiful and the
extra size makes it even easier to perform and more

Thank you for caring about the cards you sell.



I will be back for more soon.


Aaron Thompson
Mi, 08.11.2006
Absolutely Incredible
Christian, just coming to your site gets my brain
I really appreciate the work you've had to do to provide
such a cool and helpful site. I look forward to receiving
my first order, and already know what my Christmas Present
will be to my family! I look forward to working with you
for years to come. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Leek
Mi, 11.10.2006
The cards are great!

Christian was very friendly and helpful throughout and the
cards were recieved quickly and nicely packaged.

I will definately be a return customer!


Jason Wratchford
So, 08.10.2006
Great Site!

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